The Georgia Gang – May 8, 2022

1984 – The World’s Biggest Chemical Disaster – Is It Time to Forgive If Not Forget?

1984 Bhopal, India, was the place of the world’s biggest Chemical Pesticide Plant Disaster that resulted in death and destruction on an unprecedented scale. From this has emerged Heroes and Heroines and an example of creative and imaginative activism that has resulted in the building of a Trust that gives healing to the suffering and disabled.

Plans for New Settlements on West Bank Continue in Israel

The West Bank and East Jerusalem, the hotly contested stretch of land that forms the border between Israel and Jordan, is soon to see an increase in development as Israel has decided to push on with its plans for new construction. The grand plan includes building 1,000 new homes in the area, along with refurbishing hundreds of pre-existing homes. The proposed developments have drawn serious criticism around the world, including from Israel’s most powerful ally, the United States, which called the recent events a “pattern of provocative action”.

Nuclear Proliferation 2040?

The article explains what Nuclear Proliferation is and what it’s future consequences may be. The article goes into detail about different view points regarding Nuclear Proliferation.

Mount Zion and the End of the World

Many have prepared for the end of the world but not too many understand what it means and when it will come about. The Spirit led me on a teaching spree to demonstrate the overall picture and how much trouble the world and people are in. Old Testament prophecies are promises for this time and they are now interpreted so they can be understood.

What Does the Future Have in Store for Space Exploration?

The article focuses on the history of NASA and its future role. Moreover, it speaks about how the U.S. and other nations must maintain a robust space program in order to attain new goals.

Indian Economy Poised for Growth

The Indian economy, for long, had been in a limbo. While many had termed the Indian economy as a sleeping giant, many others had doubted the country’s capability as an emerging economic power.

Another Reason to Be Pro-Israel

We all know the saying, “You don’t discuss politics or religion with acquaintances or colleagues”. Well, I’ll go you one better. You also don’t discuss the state of Israel.

The Oil Economy: The End Of The Petrodollar System?

The article explains how the petrodollar system functions and its role. It also goes into detail about its relationship with OPEC and the world economy.

Food And Its Global Effects

When spring arrived in the United Sates, in 2012, farmers in that country prepared to plant a record ninety six million acres of corn. Weather conditions appeared to be perfect, and many predicted the largest corn crop in history, however, the usually productive and reliable corn crop soon lost its vitality as temperature rose and drought gripped the entire corn belt of the country.

Child Labour – Let’s Stop This!

An article on child labour! The work to be done from kids is not legal we should stop this child labour and let the students live their own life!

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