The Georgia Gang – April 17, 2022

What Causes Terrorism in America?

The article explains what terrorism is and why it is used. It also focuses on the complexity of Al-Qaeda.

Benito Mussolini: Did He Help Establish The Third Reich?

The article explains the life of Benito Mussolini. It goes into detail about his rise to power and the impact he had on Nazi Germany.

Can America and China Become True Allies?

This article speaks about U.S./China relations. It focuses on military, economic and technological issues between both nations. Moreover, it focuses on how both nations see each other as military/economic rivals and potential adversaries.

Cancun Real Estate and the 2012 Mayan Year of Rebirth

Cancun, which lies along Mexico’s only Caribbean coast, has been busy celebrating the Mayan Year of Rebirth since late in 2011, but there are still dozens of events for visitors to enjoy that will take place between now and Dec. 21, 2012.

India Post Issued Two Stamps to Mark 20 Years of Diplomatic Relations Between India and Israel

India Post issued a set of two stamps to mark the domestic relationships between India and Israel, which has been on for twenty years now. The domestic relations between Israel and India were established in the year of 1992, and till now it is going strong. Both the issued stamps are of Rs 5 denomination each.

The United States of America Is the Greatest Nation Ever Created In All of Human History

Well, in case that title cut you off guard or if you think it is too bold and too brash, I make that statement for two reasons. First, because it’s true; second, because I wouldn’t want anyone to get a false impression or to be under a false perception of reality. Some would say that nationalism is a problem for humans, and it causes of war and conflict. I happen to disagree with that line of thinking and reasoning for a number of reasons. First, if you feel strongly about your nation, then chances are you are not bothered very much when someone says something negative.

India’s Gang Rape Protests: A Nation Maturing

The recent gang rape in India played the same role as did the beating of Rodney King in 1991. People have reacted with outrage to say that enough is enough. It is about time.

Horrible Jobs From Around The World

You think that working at a fast food restaurant is bad? Try working some of the following jobs.

All Governments Seek to Expand and Control – Often Through Taxation or Stealing

There is an old quote which goes something like this; “you never want the government to get bigger then you can drown in the bathtub if it gets out of control,” or something to that effect. It seems that whenever governments are formed, they have a tendency to grow. Just as if you write one law, even if it is only a simple law, you will always add more exceptions and more definitions to that law as time goes on.

Light Floating Balls

The light balls carry different sizes, types, colours, texture and divisions. It’s important to note, what is seen in terms of size and colour in our three dimensional space is completely different outside our earth space.

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